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20 Free Online GIF Maker, Beautiful Animations Software

Published on 21 December 2021 at 21:29

20 Free Online GIF Maker, Beautiful Animations Software

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The following article includes a list of the best online GIF and animation software that you can use to create beautiful animations, free GIFs from images or videos easily and quickly. Join Uplevo to discover these 20 tools right away.

GIFs and animations are becoming more and more popular on social networking platforms. They do not take long to load, and the file size is not too large. Now, special GIFs and animations can be easily created by online or offline design software. Most of the tools and software to create GIFs - animated images are available online, for free, and they allow users to develop custom interactive images with a variety of unique effects, which greatly simplifies the creation process. GIF images and videos.

What Is GIF Image Format? A GIF (.gif format) is basically an image file format created with an animation effect by combining several other images or frames into a single file. This single file is encoded in the graphic interchange format (also known as GIF). Unlike the JPEG (.jpg) image format, GIF typically uses a compression algorithm known as LZW encoding that does not lose image quality and allows for easy storage of files in bytes. Multiple images in a GIF file are displayed consecutively to create a sequence of animations (clips) or a short movie. By default, animated GIFs display the sequence of images only once, stopping when the last image or frame is rendered, although it can also loop nonstop.

1.Filmora meme maker

Filmora meme maker is your ultimate solution. It helps you to make animation, GIF and video memes directly without watermark. It is completely free to use and does not require registration. You can change the text size, color and position to create captions while editing. You can also put text inside or outside in the GIF image. With just a few clicks, your GIF is done. Try it now!


This animated GIF maker software can easily handle almost all media file formats like JPG, GIF and PNG so that highly interactive GIFs can be created. Users can also preview all changes directly before exporting the created GIF to the device.


This popular GIF, animation search and interaction design tool can develop the results of your choice in no time. Giphy allows you to create GIFs online with images or as videos. You can add multiple images or paste a YouTube, Vimeo or Giphy URL to upload a video. You can adjust the duration of each frame/image and add captions, stickers, filters to the GIF image file or draw on it. And you can choose different styles and animations when adding captions.

4. GIFMakerOnline.com

Those looking for a quick tool to create animated GIFs with additional blur textures and the ability to customize the image quality will probably want to go with GIFMakerOnline.com. It can directly share your animation files to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5. GIFMake.com

If you have collected images in png, jpeg and gif formats and now want to create a cool animated GIF by merging the images, then GIFMake.com can help you with that.

6. ImgFlip

This online animation maker allows users to create GIFs from images, photos and videos. You can add MP4 / OGG videos from your computer or paste the video URL to upload the video. You can also upload several images to create a GIF and adjust the width, height, and quality.

It will help you to see a preview of the GIF before it is created and that is certainly important to produce good results. User can change the quality of GIF with animation, adjust photo order and resize features. Besides, you can also add text to GIF or crop and rotate GIF.

7. MakeaGIF.com

This website can help users to create high quality GIF images from a collection of images or from a video file. It can also process webcam recordings or YouTube videos to create animations.

8. Animated GIF Maker

This animation maker is the portable solution for all GIF creators with only 2MB file size. It is designed with an intuitive interface and easier to use than other software, it can develop your classic GIF for you with finer adjustments in quality, delay and frame size, although although it still offers Size and Speed ​​settings. However, this GIF Maker only allows you to upload images to create GIFs.

9. Convertio

Convertio is an online GIF converter that can easily handle all file formats so that users can easily upload any image or video to develop specific GIF applications.

This online GIF converter allows you to upload images or videos in many ways: upload from your computer, from Dropbox, from Google Drive, or paste the file's URL or website URL. The maximum file size is 100MB. Besides converting images or videos to GIF, you can also convert GIF files to MP4 videos.

10. Convert Image:

This GIF animation software is used to convert png, jpg and many other image formats into animated GIF easily. However, you can only upload images one at a time, and the maximum file size is 24MB.

11. CreateGIF.net:

This is a free and easy to use online GIF animation tool that helps users select multiple images from their computer. After manipulating the GIF's speed and size in detail, it can help you create quality GIF images.

This online GIF Maker allows you to rearrange multiple images and compose multiple images into one GIF file. However, the largest pixel is 450px wide. There is no indication of the maximum file size you can upload, but when I upload 700KB, the software reports an error.

12. EditPhotoForFree.com

There are many unique features and colors manipulation options on EditPhotoForFree.com. Users can easily access many customization features on this platform to develop specific GIF animation applications.

This online GIF maker allows you to add images in JPG and PNG formats, animated gifs and videos in Mp4, WebM and OGG formats to create GIFs. It also allows you to record video from your webcam to create GIFs and add shapes in SVG format. You can add GIF effects like text and background. There are some built-in editing features, such as horizontal and vertical flip, and shadow and opacity settings.

13. GIFPal:

This innovative animation tool can show you the effect of all the changes you have made to your uploaded files before saving the final result. One can customize GIF content with colors, saturation, contrast, drawing tools and text.

14. GIFNinja:

This software can easily split or create animated GIF files according to user specifications.

15. GIFGear.com

GIFGear.com allows users to develop interactive GIF images with specific customization and size options. One can also decide the animation time and some effects can be added as frames, overlays, pixelation and fades etc.

16. Gickr.com

Gickr.com allows users to play animated GIFs in seconds, and the platform can be accessed by anyone for free. Users just need to upload images, add desired effects and convert the project to GIF extension section.

17. Gifup.com

It's an advanced and personalized animation maker so you can get impressive results in no time. It allows users to upload 1024 Kb file size easily and the uploaded image will be processed to create a classic GIF.


It is one of the most widely used GIF animation sharing hubs that can easily process raw content from a computer or as a provided URL.

19. Meme Center:

This platform is being used popularly for meme development with a lot of features fast. It's impressive to add a reaction to a GIF or select an existing video/image to get the desired result.

20  Online Image Converter:

This tool works on your browser and can share GIF files on other popular websites easily.

21. Picasion:

It helps users to develop classic GIFs with animations that can be uploaded from a computer or using video URLs. You can also import images from your webcam or try stills from other platforms.


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